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Is Henry Cavill Too Hot?

HERE ARE A FEW PICTURES before I answer that question because wow!

Not only is he a great actor, but he's also kind of a nerd. That's right, I said it. He is quite a fantasy fan.

When I first saw him, I'll admit I prejudged him. I thought he'd be the guy who said, "bruh," and squished beers on his head. It turns out he's A) not American (that blew my mind) and B) totally geeks out over The Witcher and Warhammer.

But it's easy to prejudge someone. In my Kindle Vella series, Lux and Rush, the main characters do a fair amount of that. As the story unfolds, their misconceptions of each other are thwarted, and new judgments are made.

Here's the summary:

Love wasn't in the plans for Lux. She was too busy fighting for her life. But an encounter with a handsome stranger gives her the courage not just to live but follow her heart. That means keeping her diagnosis a secret.

Rush only recently made the decision to be more than a one-night-stand kind of man. So when he meets Lux, he's blown away by her. But when her truth is revealed, he must decide if loving her is worth the pain of losing her.

And that brings me back to my question. Is Henry Cavill too hot? That's an easy answer. Hell, no.

I hope you'll check out my story on Kindle Vella. Here's the link: Or you can click HERE.

Written by: Layla Jones






*Photo credit goes to those who took the pictures. They are their property and not mine.

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